Hannah  "Banana" Belcher
02/19/2001  05/07/2012
Miss Hannah was born  Monday February  19, 2001 and started her life with Joan Shiels at Barkin Angels.   
Hannah then moved in with Bella's Little Angels on March 28, 2008.  On January 17, 2010 Ms. Hannah moved
in with Ralph and Laura to enjoy her retirement.  It is then that she started a life of being spoiled rotten and
being treated like the Diva that she was.  It was a very hard decision for us here at Bella's to let Hannah go,
but one we knew would improve her quality of life.  Hannah did not like when we pulled our carpeting out  
and she had a hard time walking on them the hard flooring. Our entire home is hardwood floors  so this
made it hard for her. That is when Ralph and Laura offered to take Hannah to their home, which is wall to
wall carpeting, to see how she would do.  Oh my she just blossomed, and a whole new Hannah came out.  It
did not take long for Hannah to consider Ralph and Laura her daddy and mommy and she started the best
life she could ever have dreamed.  She had her meals cooked for her and then hand fed to her.   She also
enjoyed home made treats, ice cream, alfredo sauce and chicken in any form. Hannah once told us the
thing that she loved the best was lots of one on one cuddle time with both Ralph and Laura.  
By far Ralph and Laura  gave Hannah the best retirement years any dog could ask for.

During Hannah's life she had 8 wonderful litters of puppies that she was so proud of.  
Her life will live on through all of her puppies
Miss Hannah
Miss Hannah and her brothers