Bella's Little Angels
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A look at Bella's Little Angels
First Stop, The Doggy Room
This is where the doggies hang out, the cage doors are left open all the time except to eat breakfast and dinner and bed time.
We love laying on the big bed on top of these cages looking
out front watching the driveway for visitors.
Next Stop, Master Bedroom
pens set up at all times ready
to go. We also have 2
additional pens if needed.  All
pens are setup with a light,
This is where we have our
thermometer.  There is a small
divider wall between the bed
and the wee wee pad for the
mommy. Food and water are
also kept over there to keep
the young pups from getting
into the water and drowning or
choking on food.  
Under the pens is storage for
all the doggy blankets, beds,
etc... Also in the pictures
above the blue bin is our
whelping pen.   This is also
Inside it is a heating pad,
several layers of towels and a
soft bed for mommy to be
comfortable until delivery time.
The whelping kit is kept full
well as ample towels, wash
cloths and paper towels.

We keep everything setup and
ready to go just in case we are
called for a rescue.  
Now we are off to the Family Room
and there moms come when
the pups are starting to move
around a lot.   We set these up
as needed.  Each one is setup
with a large wee wee pad to
start potty training, a doggy
heating pad, a low profile bed
so it is easy for the pups to get
on and off of. Then they have a
small house, they love the
house, and of course food and
water.  Until pups are old
enough to start doggy food,
the food and water are kept up
high enough to protect the
pups but allow mom to eat and
As the pups get older, we open
can venture out and explore,
best part of breeding, sitting
watching the pups play, who
needs tv.  Of course there is
always lots of adult dogs
running around wanting to play
with the pups.
And off to the Kitchen we go
Lots of room
to play
The doggies
love the
kitchen and
of course the
Last stop inside, the Dining Room
39 bowls +
one bigger
bowl for the
puppies are
setup and
getting filled
with food
This night  
green beans
with their
Fromm kibble.

We add different  
vegetables each night to
their food
Now to the great outdoors
Above is their 600 square foot fully enclosed fully lit outdoor play
area. They have a small deck with stairs and a ramp that lead to
the doggy door going into the kitchen.  120 Square feet of the pen
has a roof, the rest is covered with fencing to protect them from
the hawks and owls.
Oscar waiting for
the mailman
We hope you enjoyed your trip around Bella's Little Angels.
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