Rest in Peace Oscar

Sunday January 10, 2010 ~ Tuesday May 05, 2020

Meet Oscar

Our special little boy Oscar

As many of you know, Oscar was a very special boy.  Oscar came to Bella’s as a rescue at 5 1/2 weeks old along with his brothers. Becky delivered the litter at their home and agreed to take the puppies when weened from mommy.  At 6 weeks old Oscar stopped eating and had to be syringe fed around the clock for the next 3 weeks.  Then one day he just starting eating. He very quickly became momma’s little boy.  When Oscar was 6 months old we came home to find him dead on the floor. On his back, eyes rolled back, tongue blue, ice cold and no heart beat. Becky started CPR on him, rubbed Karo syrup on his gums at the same time massaging him to warm him up. As soon as he started to come to we jumped into the car and rushed him to the emergency vet. At the vet he started to sit up on his own.  His blood sugar was so low it was not registering and he was hypothermic ( this was July 1st.).  This is when we decided that we would never leave him home alone again.  Two days later we had Oscar and some puppies in the stroller down town for the 4th of July Celebrations.  We were getting ready to leave and took one puppy out of the stroller and put in the car and turned around and Oscar jumped out by himself!  The Corinth paramedics rushed over to try to help stabilize him. Back to the ER we went for a broken leg. Oscar went everywhere with us.  If we were out for a long while we would stop at Stewart’s and get him a vanilla ice cream to make sure his sugar did not drop again.  He got use to this very quickly and would start acting funny so we would stop, then he would sit right up wagging his tail to get his ice cream.  He sure knew how to play us good.  He was such a good boy in the car.  

Oscar did not like many people but he sure loved his Aunt Laura and Uncle Ralph.  He would sleep all the way to the last turn off to their house, then he would bounce up and looked around wagging his tail. He knew where we were and that once inside they would spoil him with yum-yums, aka homemade dehydrated chicken strips.  If we had to go anywhere we couldn’t take Oscar, we would bring him to their house to puppy sit.

Over the years Oscar developed an auto-immune disease in his joints similar to Rheumatiod Arthritus in humans.  He was put on steroids for this that took his pain away but really wreaked havoc on his little three pound body. In the end his body just couldn’t take anymore and gave out. He passed in mommy’s arms peacefully at home.  We will always miss him dearly but have so many great memories to keep him in our hearts.

Oscar was given six months to one year to live, but with the dedication of his doctors at the Corinth Veterinary Clinic we had ten wonderful years with him.