R.I.P.  Patrick
February 12, 2009 - September 17, 2012
Patrick's Last Bath
Patrick's last meal, Steak and he loved it
Random Patrick Pictures
Patrick so loved his Uncle Ralph
Patrick and Coach playing
with their buddy Moose
Patrick giving mommy a kiss
Patrick's turn on Puppy Spa Day with Aunt
Laura " He always tried to get a 2nd one"
Patrick's brushing time with Uncle Ralph
Patrick resting on Uncle Ralph
Patrick loved his cousin Moose
Patrick with his mommy Belle at 8 weeks old
Patrick, we loved you so much,
you will live on in our hearts, you will never be forgotten.
We know that you will be waiting for us when it is our time.
Until then, run and play in the green fields and enjoy yourself.
Patrick giving Uncle Ralph raspberries
Patrick's Mommy
Patrick's Daddy
Patrick's Uncle Ralph and Aunt Laura came up to say good bye to their sweet nephew.
Patrick loved them both so much, it meant a lot to him and us for them to be there with him to the end.
Ralph and Laura are the best of friends
Cement Patrick
was a gift from
Corinth Statuary
Patrick's last moments with us,  He will never be forgotten.
Patrick, we are so sorry that we could not do more for you.  We love you!!!